GroundWidgets Launches V1.3 “On Demand” and “Ride Later” solution for the Ground Transportation Marketplace

June 22, 2015 – GroundWidgets (GW), an innovative software and technology development company is pleased to announce Version 1.3 of our "GroundOnDemand™" (G-o-D) mobile app. This new and improved mobile solution will allow you to compete effectively with UBER tm and other transportation network companies (TNCs)! Visit for a YouTube video of a live demonstration of both the passenger and driver apps as well as the custom dashboard for company administrators.

New Features In Version 1.3:

·         Identifies locations of unfilled booking requests

·         Allows concierge to book hotel guests via a web interface

·         Add your affiliates nationwide at no charge

·         Customizable chauffeur gratuity options

·         Driver can add metered fare for taxi operations

·         Manage your passenger reviews of drivers including deletions

·         Void, Cancel and Refund rides within the system

·         Passengers can e-mail their receipt to anyone (e.g., corporate travel office)

·         Get alerts when no driver has been assigned for upcoming rides

While you may be considering other mobile apps, we encourage you to compare them with Ground-On-Demand feature-by-feature (click here to download our comparison PDF). We are confident that G-o-D is the most powerful on-demand technology available in the industry today. As shown in the attachment, G-o-D has 14 features NOT available with UBER™. For example, G-o-D has:

·         Scheduled rides (Ride Later) as well as on-demand (Ride Now) capability

·         A "white label" version that uses your company's brand

·         A website for passengers to book rides

·         A very low fee per trip that is a tiny fraction of what the TNC's charge!

GroundWidgets is exclusively focused on consulting and development of applications for the ground transportation industry harnessing the collective vision of its founders and their experience of over 25 years. As companies search for ways to react to industry changes, competition and a challenging economy, the team at GroundWidgets offers a unique suite of integrated, dynamic, state-of-the-art services and solutions that empower our clients to deliver outstanding performance and optimize efficiency. Ground-On-Demand is the latest example of the world-class products we offer to the industry.

Thank you for your interest in G-o-D technology and please pass this information along to your colleagues. You can always call us at 201-693-4150 or email us at to arrange for a demo.

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